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Kathy Goughenour, Virtual Expert® Success System

 "Jill’s superpower is in the way she knows how to connect employers to talented virtual assistants. She listens to needs and understands that skills are important, but so is personality and culture fit as well. I would recommend talking to Jill and the Achieve VA team to see if a virtual assistant is right for you!"

Cindy Kocsis, Virtual Professional Solutions

“Jill's experience as a leader in human resources really showed as she was able to pinpoint exactly what type of candidate to seek and find to help grow my business.  I am thrilled with the service that she and her team provided.  I couldn't be happier with the process as they interviewed and vetted people for me and narrowed them down to the top candidates.  This saved me so much time and money in the long run.  I highly recommend Achieve VA to find just the right candidate(s) to build your team.”

Cindy K
Anne Schwab

Anne Schwab, Schwab Virtual Assistant Services, LLC

“Jill and her Achieve VA team is wonderful!  They understood my strengths as a VA and made sure opportunities aligned with those strengths.  Jill was quick to respond if I had a question about an opportunity or if I needed a pep-talk or advice before an interview.  I highly recommend Achieve VA because of their top-notch service and knowledge.”

Brenda Swann, Growing Your Good Work

"Jill helped me articulate what skills I really needed in my business and found the perfect fit! The Achieve VA I work with is fast becoming an integral part of managing the day-to-day of my business!"

Brenda Swann


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