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Our VA's find us in a variety of ways but most of the time, they are connected to us by our Virtual Assistant education partners, by recommendation in Facebook groups or social media mentions. We only work with awesome humans based in the USA and Canada.

A complete list of our transparent pricing and services is HERE. We do require payment up front for our services (either the flat fee or one month of service) - yep, we have been stiffed before, unfortunately.

As far as what you'll pay a Virtual Assistant, as much as we hate this answer, it depends. Basic level data entry (starting as low as $10/ hour) will most often cost far less than web design (upwards of $50/hour). Most VA’s are self-employed and work as a 1099 contractor, so there really is no “industry standard,” and pricing can vary wildly depending on a VA’s geographic location, experience, education level and client demand.

It’s important to know your budget BEFORE you start the hiring process and have a direct conversation about costs with any candidate BEFORE signing a contract or committing to working together.

Got it. You want your perfect match like yesterday! Fortunately, we’re pros at helping you hire fast as Hell. We’ve already pre-screened, assessed, interviewed, and reference-checked your new right-hand before we even met you! Under normal circumstances (and provided we can get everything we need from our client quickly), we’re able to match our busy humans to our awesome humans, ready to work within 5-7 business days.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any reliable cyborgs yet, so we’re stuck hiring humans until we do. Sometimes humans are weird and don’t do what they say they will, stop showing up, or just plain suck. Does it happen? Yes. Does it stink? Yes… but we already have everything we need from you to make an assessment, make an adjustment if needed, and make a quick rehire so that you can move forward. Every hire comes with a rehire guarantee, in the rare case that it just doesn’t work. You can review our Terms of Service here.

We’ve designed our packages with our clients who have often described themselves as “going effing insane” in mind.
1. Choose your package HERE.
2. Schedule your Discovery Call and brain-dump your needs with our handy form. We will discuss it during our call and answer any questions you have.
3. Work with us to find your VA! 

Of course, our team is always here to help, should you have questions at any time please reach out to us at

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