Take These Easy Steps Before Recruiting for Your Next Job Opening


Let’s face it, people resign from their positions when you least expect it. HR or the talent acqusition team will typically receive a call on a Friday afternoon that a position needs to be filled. “How fast can you get someone in here?” Then you pull out your superhero cape and start looking for the perfect candidate.

How Best Can You Prepare Ahead for Those Staffing Needs?

Preparing in advance for these requests is possible and advisable. The best way to do so is to have a hiring strategy in place. Ideally, a part of that strategy should be to understand the needs of the company, the various departments, and the positions. By keeping the job descriptions current and knowing the experience, qualifications, and skills that are necessary for the candidates to be successful will save time when you need to hire, whether the need is planned or unexpected. By having this information readily available, you may only have a few quick questions to ask to clarify the details, and you are ready to get that position posted. I would advise you to develop job profiles for your company’s various positions. Audit them yearly, or more often if the jobs change and adapt frequently, so you are prepared to start the recruitment process as needs arise.

As you develop these job descriptions for your hiring strategy, ask the management team questions regarding their needs. What would make the next employee you present to them the best fit possible? What skills does the employee need to have when they walk through the door on day one? It could be knowledge in a specific software program or strong soft skills, such as a friendly demeanor if they are customer-facing. What are the non-negotiables? You also need to know what skills could be offered as on-the-job training or obtained through continuing education if needed.

Once you are clear on these key points, do your research. Knowing the requirements needed, you can connect with training programs in the area that may provide an excellent pool of possible candidates. Or you may identify colleges, trade schools, or commuter schools that have internship programs looking to place students. Others may have students looking to work while attending school that would be a good fit for your company. All of these options help you build relationships and create referral sources that can become wonderful assets when you are looking to fill positions.

Know and Be Ready to Explain Why Someone Would Want to Work with Your Company

A well-written job post is an effective sales pitch for attracting potential candidates to your company. Job posts on Indeed are entirely different from your internal job descriptions. Tell candidates what it’s like to work for the company. Include some background information along with the website and social media links. Job seekers want to know how your business interacts with customers and the world at large.

It is important to convey what the job entails, but you should also tell candidates why they would want to work with your company. Of course, candidates need to work to support themselves and their family. You want to be one of the forward-thinking companies that excites applicants about the career paths and opportunities your company offers. Go beyond the salary and benefits. Tell them what is special or unique, including reasons why current employees enjoy working there. Include the mission statement and company values, essentially describing the culture of your company.

These Simple Steps Will Make a Big Difference

Simple additions to your hiring strategy can pay dividends towards your recruitment process. Collaborating with the managers and auditing job profiles before a hiring need arises will save time and allows you to focus on finding the best applicants. Plus, applicants will know more about your company and why it is such a great place to work.

To read more about building a talent strategy, read Jill’s recent LinkedIn Article, The Best Time to Build Your Company's Talent Strategy is Now.  If you have questions about where to begin, contact Jill - she is ready to help.


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