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Virtual assistants have a variety of options when it comes to working their businesses. In most cases, you would be a contract employee to your clients, and you would likely work virtually. You could be a one-woman (or man) show, or alternatively, could work with other VAs who are subcontractors for your business. But did you know that the virtual world has its own staffing companies? Yes, it’s true! As a VA, you could opt to work with a Virtual Assistant agency.  

What are the benefits of working for a VA Agency?

Agencies can be a great option for virtual assistants who are just starting out, but they could be an option for experienced VAs as well. Here are five points to consider when exploring agency work.

  1.   Finding clients. When you open your own business as a VA, finding clients and finding clients you enjoy working with is essential. It takes time to market yourself and connect with your ideal client either in person or on social media - or both.  Agencies do that work for you - they find clients and take care of the administrative tasks, like invoicing, so you focus on the work at hand.
  2.   Having the support if you need backup. As we all know, life happens. If life requires you to be away from work or if you need to take a sick day, the agency will make sure the client’s needs are met by finding someone who can do the work instead. 
  3.   Have a better work-life balance. When you work for an agency, your responsibility is to complete the client’s work to the best of your ability. And if you do that, then you should have consistent work that is based on your ideal schedule. Ready to pick up some additional hours? Reach out to the agency and let them know you can pick up additional projects. You call the shots, allowing for a work-life balance that suits you and your family. 
  4.   Only do the work you enjoy. VA agencies want you to be happy, especially if you do great work! The agency will find out all about you and your skills ahead of time, usually through an application and interview process. They contact you when a project meets your skills and preferences. You get to decide if it really is a good match! 
  5.   The agency invoices the clients. While you need to keep track of your hours, the agency does the invoicing, collects the payment, and, in turn, pays you. It’s pretty nice to sit back and watch those deposits come in for all of your hard work, right? 

While it is easy to work with most agencies, especially if you have an in-demand skill, it comes at a price. Because an agency finds clients, bills clients, and pays you, they take a cut of the hourly client rate. That means your hourly pay rate will be lower than if you were working independently, finding those clients on your own. But it is a great option to get started quickly in the VA marketplace and build a strong virtual work reputation. Experienced VAs work with agencies, too, especially if they have skills that are unique and hard to find. Those VAs can command a higher hourly rate. 

Introducing...Achieve VA! 

When it comes to deciding which VA agency to work with, you have several options. A quick Google search can provide you with links to those places. 

Let’s Build Talent is proud to announce that we are currently accepting Virtual Assistant applications to be part of our new venture, Achieve VA. If you are an aspiring VA or just starting out in your business, click here to complete our application. Who knows? Maybe you will be starting on your VA journey sooner than you thought!


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