Running a business is hard, my friends.

You’ve got all of the things- products and/or services, marketing and sales, design, logistics, all kinds of technology to figure out, websites and social media (and the constant barrage of content that goes with all of that), calendar management/ appointment scheduling, creative endeavors, customer support and sometimes industry-specific stuff on top of all of that.

The hardest part is doing all of that ALONE (whilst trying to have an actual life!).

How in the world do small business owners find the time to do everything? 

Simple - they make the decision to hire awesome people who are absolute pros at “their thing”… and delegate, delegate, delegate! Not only are things getting done quickly, they’re getting done by people who are doing it waaay better than you can (no offense, we’re sure your graphic design skills are breathtaking)!

“Yeah, that’s great...but how in the world do I find the time to hire those awesome people?” 

Simple! Make the decision to hire awesome people who are absolute pros with all things hiring (EHEM!)! Our clients think we’re awesome, see what they're saying here!

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